• North Carolina Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation

Coexisting with Herps

Rat Snake – © Kimberly Burge

At some point in your life you will come into contact with a herp or maybe you will want to find more herps on your land. The resources linked below may help you learn how to cohabitate on your land with herps, minimize conflicts with herps on your land, learn about habitat improvements to encourage herps onto your land, or how to avoid introducing foreign herps.  Use the button below to see all of the resources or scroll down for descriptions of each resource available.

Understanding Snakes in North Carolina
Printable folding brochure about snakes in NC


Amphibians and Reptiles in Your Backyard – PDF
Excellent, full color brochure produced by NCPARC and partners.

NEPARC Backyard Habitat Guide – PDF
More backyard habitat ideas, tips, and suggestions.

Habitat Management Guidelines for the Southeast Region – PDF
Full color book produced by PARC for free download.

An Amphibian’s Eye View of Wetlands – PDF
A tour of wetlands and why they are important.


Don’t Turn it Loose! – PDF
Targeted at educators and pet owners, this publication describes why you should not release captive animals into the environment.

Minimizing Conflicts with Venomous Snakes – PDF
How to minimize conflict with ecologically significant, yet potentially dangerous animals.

Rehoming Pet Herps – PDF
Know of a pet herp that needs a new home? You should find this resource helpful.