• North Carolina Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation


Education and Outreach Working Group

Eastern Hognose – © Kimberly Burge

The Education & Outreach Working Group meets once per quarter to discuss NCPARC’s efforts to educate the public on topics related to reptiles and amphibians.  NCPARC seeks to reverse these stereotypes, and show our citizens the amazing variety of fascinating and uniquely beautiful herpetofauna that share our state. We coordinate volunteers for outreach events across the state, maintain the NCPARC events calendar, review outreach materials, maintain content on NCPARC’s website, and work to align our educational efforts with the other two NCPARC working groups’ initiatives.

Interested in joining this working group?  We are always in need of volunteers for special events and volunteer coordinators for events as well as editors and writers to develop educational materials, review educational content, and artists willing to create designs for educational giveaways.

Explore the Resources menu for many of the publications and educational materials made available by NCPARC.

Sinaloan Milksnake – © Michael Smith

Eastern Kingsnake – © Jodie Owen