• North Carolina Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation


Policy, Regulation, and Trade Working Group

Timber Rattlesnake – © Jeff Hall

The Policy, Regulation and Trade Working Group meets as needed to discuss regulatory and policy issues that impact reptiles and amphibians in North Carolina. We are charged with making recommendations on these issues to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as well as other agencies and stakeholders.

Interested in joining this working group? Our committee is made up of a diverse cross section of people interested in reptile and amphibian conservation and, although we have a set number of voting members, we are always open to new members and our meetings are open to anyone that wants to attend and participate.

See related NCPARC resources: Keeping Herps in NC for the rules and regulations on herps in NC and Rehoming Pet Herps (SEPARC).

Black Racer – © Kimberly Burge

Eastern Box Turtles – © Kimberly Burge