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Resources for Educators

Aquatic turtle trapping program – © Ann May

The links and resources below should be useful for volunteers giving herp-related educational programs, professional educators, informal educators, homeschoolers, and anyone else interested in learning more about herps.

Also see related NCPARC resource pages: NC Herps Species Profiles, Coexisting with Herps, Keeping Herps in NC, and Herp Identification.

The NCPARC-produced resources are described in more detail below or you can click the button below and view them all. You are welcome to print and distribute all of the NCPARC products.

NCPARC Outreach Protocols – Free PDF
If you give or oversee herp programs you really should consider having protocols in place to keep your animals, educators, and the public safe. Consider using our protocols as a guideline for your own.

Article 55 Compliant Venomous ID Cards – Free PDFs
If you house or use venomous snakes in NC you must be Article 55 compliant with identification cards on each cage. Use these ID cards in your collection or on the go. They are fillable, can be customized for you own contacts, and printable. All six venomous NC snakes are included.

NCPARC postcard – PDF
Want to help spread the word about NCPARC? Use this double-sided postcard to do just that.

The following is a list of external links for further information:


A Guide to the Snakes of North Carolina – Book
Excellent, full color book with information on all the snakes found in NC.

Venomous Snakes of North Carolina – Free PDF
Download this free PDF with full color photos of all the venomous snakes in NC.

The Frogs and Toads of North Carolina: Field Guide and Recorded Calls – Book & CD
Field ID book with CD of calls for all the anurans in NC.

The HERP Project
Herpetology Education in Rural Places and Spaces project is an excellent teacher resource for anyone interested in easily incorporating NC herps into their classroom or workshops.  

The HERP Project Curricula
Links to all five of the curricula developed by The HERP Project including ephemeral pools, lizards, semi-aquatic turtles, snakes, and stream amphibians. These are field tested, teacher-approved, and just waiting to be incorporated into your classroom today.

The Box Turtle Connection
The Box Turtle Connection is a long-term study on Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina) in North Carolina. Their purpose is to learn more about the status and trends in Box Turtle populations, identify threats, and develop strategies for long term conservation of the species.  

The Box Turtle Research Manual
TThe Box Turtle Research Manual is produced by the Box Turtle Connection and is the go-to document on Box Turtles. It chronicles everything from curricula, study methods and anatomical characteristics of the Box Turtle.

Davidson College Herpetology Lab Teacher Resources
Link to all of the free teaching resources from lesson plans to downloadable pre-made presentations on herps.


Snakes of NC ID
Printable, double sided, color 8.5 x 14″ legal size

Understanding Snakes in North Carolina
Printable folding brochure about snakes in NC

PARC Publications
Link to publications on PARC’s website.